About Paradise

A Reputation for Quality

We stand out in this competitive industry because we know the importance of efficiency, quality products, widest selection, and impeccable customer service. We distance ourselves from the competition through our merchandising know-how and our commitment to reliability and integrity. As one of the largest sources for condoms and personal lubricants in the industry, we owe all of our success to the fact that our four decades of growth is based on your loyalty and your long-term success.

One-stop shopping makes it easy.

Our ability to adapt to our customer’s unique needs puts us at the forefront of our competition. Our inventory, from the moment it enters our warehouse, is displayed on our website for our customers to see to keep them up to date with new and exciting products at their disposal. By accepting orders through our website and over email, we meet our customers where they need it most and allow for them to be confident we will exceed their expectations with the same efficiency and quality of service that we have shown for over forty years. With one of the largest industry inventories for condoms, lubricant and other enhancement products, whatever our customers need can be found here.

Established Market Presence

We have a strong reputation
for providing high-quality
products to customers across
the United States.

Product Range

Our product selection includes different brands, styles, sizes, and materials to cater to diverse consumer requirements.


We have partnerships with retailers, healthcare providers, and businesses for widespread product availability.

Commitment to Sexual Health

We support initiatives related to sexual education, HIV
prevention, and promoting
responsible sexual behavior.

Customer Service — the Industry Benchmark

Talk to any of our clients and you’ll hear that problems are rare, our staff is friendly and easy to work with, and our systems and procedures make doing business with us easy and enjoyable. Many of our clients would like all of their vendors to provide the streamlined, reliable, dependable service you get from our experienced team of committed professionals.

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